Transforming spaces that inspire workforces.

Who We Are

At Growth Workplace Design, we're more than just space transformers – we're catalysts for change and creators of invigorating environments.

With extensive experience in workplace fit-outs, we ensure a seamless and rewarding journey that extends beyond just meeting client expectations. We thrive on collaboration, providing clear advice, and formulating personalised solutions that align with your unique vision and requirements.

‘Refreshing Work’ signifies more than our day-to-day operations; it encapsulates our commitment to offering a client experience that is a breath of fresh air. From the inception to completion of your project, we strive to be the refreshing change that makes the entire experience a remarkable one.

Our Expertise

Workplace Strategy

Step into a creative partnership with our seasoned in-house team of design consultants, eager to bring your workplace vision to life. During the design phase, we take you through the creation of concept plans, the selection of finishes, and the presentation of visuals, all while providing guidance to align with your budget.

This collaborative journey is all about transforming your ideas into a tangible design that captures the essence of your business and embodies your culture and vision for a refreshing work environment.



Our Process

Growth’s Refreshing Work™ Blueprint

Stage 1

Engagement Phase

  • Client meeting, needs analysis, reverse brief
  • Preliminary advice on achievable timeframes and budget
  • Qualification and quantification of your project.
  • Discovery session
  • Tailor solutions to meet clients needs.

Stage 2

Design Team Phase

  • Realising client brief in through concept phase
  • Selections of appropriate materials and finishes
  • Presenting renders and visualisation
  • Detailing design for construction drawings

Stage 3

Construction Phase

  • Develop concept, Cost-plan refined, Certifiers & Consultants engaged
  • Construction drawings submitted, Building approval, early procurement
  • Commence construction