6 Tips to avoid hidden costs during your healthcare fitout.

6 Tips to avoid hidden costs during your healthcare fitout.

Following on from our previous blog on the basic elements of healthcare design & fitout, we would like to share a few tips that will help our clients to avoid hidden costs during the fitout of their new medical facility:

Site feasibility & due diligence
A feasibility study on an identified property is essential to determine the suitability of the premises for the practice environment. This step is one of the essential benefits of an ECI agreement with a fitout construction team. The early review of current zoning, access, staff and patient parking, base building facilities/amenities, as well as access to and condition of suitable services (electrical, plumbing, ventilation) are all important considerations. By analysing the proposed property at this early stage, it gives the client the assurance that their chosen property is a feasible option for medical practice and identifies any potential issues or challenges so they can be resolved prior to construction.

Selecting a designer

Healthcare requirements can be very specialised, so it is important to collaborate with a designer with medical facility experience. Although healthcare projects are technically a workspace, it is important to engage with a design firm that has a deep understanding of the technical specifications that are required for a healthcare facility. Whether General Practice, Specialist Healthcare, Dental, Pharmacy or Cosmetic, all facilities must adhere to Building Codes, Australian Standards, and healthcare guidelines to ensure a sterile and safe, hygienic environment.

Define your budget

By defining the brief and requirements early, a budget that the client is comfortable with can be locked in.  Talk to a healthcare fitout professional early who can work with you to make sure that your brief and requirements are feasible and can assist in setting a realistic budget prior to detail design. Engaging a reputable and experienced fitout company who have strong relationships with medical equipment and material suppliers will result in the team extracting the best value in creating your practice environment.

Future proof your business.

Whatever the industry or business, it is important to account for the future vision for the company before beginning your fitout journey. The use of manoeuvrable furniture and fixtures is an emerging trend in the medical design world. This was initially important to ensure that the facility can be adapted for growth in the future, however, now in a world requiring social distancing, having the option to rearrange and reconfigure the space is highly beneficial. By working with a designer and fitout team at an early stage, the space-planning and requirements can be defined and discussed prior to committing to a purchase or lease.

Firm up the fitout cost prior to commencing the build. At Growth, we do not want a client to encounter costly changes or uncover unforeseen issues during the build. A thorough brief and feasibility study and will allow you to lock in a final cost with no surprises along the way. Once the design, specification and scope are complete, a client will receive a fixed contract value prior to commencement.

We can provide a complete turnkey solution from initial brief to handover of completed project and ensure that you receive the best solution for your individual requirements.

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