We Talk the talk, but do we walk the walk?

We Talk the talk, but do we walk the walk?

The Road to Success – Our vision, drivers & Objectives for the new Growth HQ.

Our team understands that the relocation/refurbishment and office fitout journey is an important and significant process for every single one of our clients. However, for Growth Australia itself, the significance is multiplied by the nature of our business and our brand. When it comes to providing the ideal unique fitout solution for our clients, we ‘talk the talk’, so it was imperative that we ‘walk the walk’ when it came to defining the brief, vision and drivers for our own new work environment. Our business has flourished over the last 4 years, and we knew that we needed to create a workspace that not only accommodated our growing team physically, but also an environment that promoted support, productivity and wellbeing for the staff…. Or ‘Growthites’ as we like to call them.

Key objectives for our new Growth headquarters:

• To showcase our point of difference; who we are as a company, and our abilities as ‘best in class’ in the Design & Construct fitout market.
• To launch our in-house design division. We know what businesses look for, and expect, from their workspaces, therefore we will apply our insider knowledge on the commercial real estate market to showcase innovative design concepts based on resi-mercial, biophyllic, wellness & agile trends.
• To foster best working practices by creating an agile workspace that provided our team with a variety of work settings and spaces to maximise their productivity.
• To maintain and enhance our collaborative & supportive atmosphere with generous break-out and socialising zones.
• A unique and highly customised space, ideal for networking and entertaining clients with the intention of seeing our guests will leave talking about showcase design ideas and the quality build.
• A space that is flexible and adaptable to cater for our future team growth.
• Design that is relevant to the 260 Queen St building, our clients & greater network

Read more about choosing the right premises in our next blog coming soon.