How the workspace has become the catalyst for positive culture and a connected team.

How the workspace has become the catalyst for positive culture and a connected team.

The rise of remote working during the pandemic, and subsequent reluctance for workers to go back
to the physical office laid the foundations for Growth Australia to assess and reposition the focus of
our service offering to clients.

Traditionally positioned as a Design & Construct fit-out specialist, Growth have further developed
their offering to engage with clients much earlier in their relocation or refurbishment journey to
provide a solution that goes far beyond the physical space by identifying a clients’ key drivers for

A highly experienced and innovative strategy and design team are now an essential part of the client
journey at Growth. The designers work with clients to understand their business DNA and combine
this with an audit and analysis of the business’ current environment. This strategy aims to uncover
what works, what doesn’t work, and how the office functions, both in relation to business
operations, as well as employee wellbeing and productivity.

Following the global pandemic, we have seen that companies have not chosen to reduce their
floorplate despite now managing a hybrid workforce who do not attend the office every day and
often choose to work remotely.

Office space has quickly become a catalyst and driver for a positive culture to motivate staff and
create purpose.

Psycho-social considerations are now part of the global ISO quality management standards on which
an organisation is judged. Part of this consideration is employee wellbeing and engagement and how
a workspace must be an environment that supports productive work in combination with the
company leaders ensuring clear refinement of clear and achievable goals.

The rise of remote working has undoubtedly changed the focus of client briefs with an increased
emphasis on promoting a healthy work/life balance and creating an office space that is collaborative,
inviting, and social for their staff.

Office tenancies are being chosen on the merits of the building and what it offers in terms of
amenities, facilities, and location as well as how the floorplate size can be maximised to provide a
variety of zones, flexible work-settings and enclosed rooms for concentrated work or online

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