Growth Australia Healthcare Business Announcement

Growth Australia Healthcare Business Announcement

The healthcare team at Growth Australia have a new offering designed to help our healthcare and medical clients to achieve the best-in-class solution for their business needs.
We have developed a collaborative relationship with a specialised healthcare consultant who can provide our clients with the benefit of industry knowledge and expertise in relation to creating medical facilities designed for the next generation.

Rod Martin is the CEO and Co-Founder of GO2 Health, a multi-modality health clinic which has developed and implemented a unique and human-centric holistic model of medicine.
The GO2 Health team has extensive experience and tenure in the healthcare industry which has enabled them to refine the essential considerations for medical facilities and improve the way in which they are designed and built with the patient journey in mind.

Rod Martins expertise will cover key factors such as:

  • Space Planning & Flow.
  • Patient & Staff Focus.
  • Practicality & Functionality.
  • Design look & feel.
  • Technology.
  • Statutory Requirements.
  • Facilities & Amenities.

To discuss how our new collaborative offering can assist you, please get in touch with Tim Russell on or 0435 581 161