Farewell to Mary St!

Farewell to Mary St!

With a touch of sadness, but mostly excitement, the Growth team farewell our current office after four years and head to our new premises at 260 Queen St.

After an incredible period of success and expansion since the inception of Growth Australia in 2017, we have finally outgrown our workspace. We started as a team of 3 friends with a strong vision, and we have built a 25-strong team of dedicated, professional, and most importantly, like-minded ‘Growthites’ around us.

Our talented in-house design and delivery team have been working hard to create a space that will showcase our fitout capabilities, represent our business values and provide enough flexibility for future expansion.

In the same way that Growth Australia operates, we designed the new workspace with people in mind. A focus on nurturing a positive and social team culture was imperative, as well as creating an ideal environment to host our clients and partners.

Our time at 133 Mary Street has treated us well, and paved the way to delivering over 150 projects, exceeding $50m in revenue and being recognised in the top 25 Fast Starter companies by the AFR.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new space very soon and raising a drink to the next chapter of Growth Australia. Farewell old friend, we will miss you, but it’s time for bigger and better things!